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Global Hypercolour #80sBaby

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Celebrating my cousins 30th at the newly poncy Vibe Bar on brick lane. I remember that place being pretty cool then Essex/The City invaded Shoreditch pssssh

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Done some unicorn hair

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What I wore today, comfy clothes. I need some baggy tracksuit bottoms in my life, miss those 💖

I’ve been a one-woman band for so many years that it’s mad when I’m approached by people who want to work with me, I mean, mad in a good way, kind of unbelievable? 

I’m beginning to learn how to delegate though, getting there, it’s not as easy as it looks (or at least not for me) I’m so used to doing it all myself that I have to remember to pass the work on so I can concentrate on my better parts. Crazy this progression stuff - I’m really loving it, seems like I’m finally getting somewhere :)

Also, I flicked open a book yesterday and got his quote, lovely.  

"Achievement doesn’t come from what you do, but from who you are. Your worldly power results from your personal power. Your career is an extension of your personality" - Marianne Williamson 

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So the idea is to write your goals as if they have already happened, that gets you in the mindset that you have already achieved them. If we get nervous standing in front of a crowd, what do we do? We fake it. We fake it until faking is no long needed. Mindset dictates your current experience. Let’s go! #goals #loa #goalsetting #fakeituntilyoumakeit #manifesting

Life just did that thing where I’m the puppy and it pretends to throw the ball

Sometimes being selective with information is the best thing for everyone involved 

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You never forget your 1st time? Well with some things anyway! #Nintendo #SNES #SFC ^K

<3<3 such a thing of beauty.

Blossom ‘Dusk’ Featuring JEHST (Blue Balloons / The Longest Journey - Project: Mooncircle, 2013)